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Course Overview

About This Course (page 1)

What to Expect (page 2)

Course Technical Requirements (page 3)

Course Topics (page 4)

Course Learning Objectives (page 5)

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Implementation Language

Implementation Language (pages 6-8)

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The Five Stages of Implementation

The Five Stages of Implementation (page 9)

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Exploration: Getting Started (page 10)

Identifying Community Needs (page 11)

Assessing Organizational Capacity (pages 12-14)

Searching Program Registries To Select the Right Program (page 15)

Understanding Program Fidelity and Adaptation (pages 16-17)

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Installation: Launching Your Program (pages 18-19)

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Initial Implementation

Initial Implementation: Expect the Unexpected (page 20)

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Full Implementation

Full Implementation: The Program is in Place (pages 21-22)

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Program Sustainability

Program Sustainability: Maintaining Your Program's Success (page 23)

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Contact Us

Contact Us (page 24)

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