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A process evaluation might ask:

  • What are the critical components and activities of the program?
  • What aspects of the implementation process are facilitating success or acting as stumbling blocks?
  • Are the program providers receiving the proper amount of training and supervision to ensure fidelity?
  • To what extent does what is being implemented match the program as originally planned?
  • Do program participants understand the program and its intended objectives, and are they able to participate fully in the required components of the program?
  • Are there important dosage effects, or differences in outcomes based on how many program modules or sessions were implemented, the length of sessions, attendance rates, or other variables?
  • What strengths can be built upon to improve the program? Conversely, are there gaps or deficiencies in the services or activities being provided that need to be addressed?

In itself, a process evaluation usually does not seek to provide evidence that a program is effective, although it may provide insight to why a program is or isn't working.

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