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NREPP's QOR rating criteria were developed to provide a focused, objective and efficient way of rating the quality of research studies in the behavioral health field. Additional standards for measuring research quality exist, but these six criteria were specifically chosen to be representative of the fundamentals of quality.

When NREPP reviewers use these criteria, they apply them not to the intervention or to an individual study, but to individual outcomes. Programs may not be equally effective in achieving all their intended outcomes. In addition, one study may use a variety of measurement techniques and analytical methods for different outcomes, and different studies of the same program may measure outcomes in different ways over time. For all of these reasons, NREPP applies the QOR criteria to individual outcomes, sometimes looking at multiple studies for that outcome, but always rating the outcome rather than the study.

Click the Play button to start the animation and then click on each puzzle piece for more information about that NREPP Rating Criterion.

Throughout the rest of this course, tips are periodically provided on how to address these criteria during the various stages of your study. For more information on the criteria and associated rating anchors, please visit the QOR Review section of the NREPP Web site.

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