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Preparing an Intervention for NREPP Submission and Potential Review

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When program developers are ready to have their intervention considered by NREPP, they should use the most recent Federal Register notice as a guideline for preparing a submission packet. The items needed for the submission packet are described below.

These requirements may change with each submission period.

  • Cover letter

    This brief document should include the complete name of the program, the names of the program developers, and a list of associated organizations. The key point of contact for the submission should be clear, and an email address and telephone number must be provided for this person. The cover letter should clearly state the submitter's intent for the program to be considered for NREPP and provide a brief description of the intervention. If the program falls within one of SAMHSA's current areas of interest, the cover letter should provide or reference information supporting this claim.

  • Outcomes

    A list of significant behavioral outcomes documented by evaluation studies of the intervention must be provided. This list should be accompanied by citations, with page numbers, clearly directing NREPP staff to the articles or reports that document these outcomes.

  • Documentation

    A full-text copy of every peer-reviewed journal article or comprehensive evaluation report supporting the minimum review requirements must be provided. Articles or reports that provide background information or theoretical foundations for the intervention should not be submitted at this time; every submitted article or report should satisfy the minimum review requirements.

  • Dissemination

    A brief narrative description or list of materials, resources, and systems that are available to support implementation must be provided. Actual copies of these items should not be provided at the time of submission.

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