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Preparing an Intervention for NREPP Submission and Potential Review

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Screen capture of the Main page of the Online Submission System. Select the image to open the "Submissions" Web page.

By the first day of the open submission period, a submission form will be posted on the Submissions page of the NREPP Web site. To receive a username and password for the NREPP Online Submission System, interested program developers will need to provide key information to NREPP staff. Using the Online Submission System, program developers can upload their electronic materials throughout the submission period, submitting materials only when their packet is complete.

Although electronic submission is strongly suggested, program developers also may submit materials by mail or fax. For information about submitting in these formats, program developers should contact NREPP staff.

While screening submitted interventions, NREPP staff may contact program developers to ask questions or request additional materials. During this time, program developers can continue to add new material to the submission until the end of the submission period.

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