Accepted programs

Developers of accepted programs will be contacted by NREPP staff to complete a NREPP Principal Form (PDF, 47KB). This form will identify the individual who will serve as the key point of contact throughout the NREPP review process. Upon receipt of this completed form and any relevant supporting documentation, NREPP staff will add the program to the list of interventions awaiting review and included in the Accepted for Review listing on the NREPP Web site.

Next, NREPP staff will initiate a kick-off call. All relevant program and NREPP staff will participate in this call to discuss the NREPP review process and the materials needed for each component of the review.

Program developers who agree to participate in a review are expected to authorize NREPP to publish an intervention summary for the program once the review is complete. The summary describes the program and presents the results of the review, including ratings and reviewer comments. In the event that the developer decides not to provide this approval, NREPP will include a notation on the Web site, indicating the intervention was reviewed but the developer declined to authorize the publication of the summary. Although reviewed, these interventions will not be considered included in the registry.

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