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Reviews & Submissions

Once an intervention has been accepted for review, the developer and NREPP staff work together to identify the outcomes and materials that will be used in the review. A review generally takes several months to complete, from the initial scheduling of the kick-off call to the completion of an NREPP intervention summary. The three stages of the review process are summarized below.


  • When NREPP is ready to commence the review of an accepted intervention, NREPP staff contact the developer to schedule a kick-off call. This call should include the developer and any other individuals who are closely familiar with the intervention and can provide information related to research and dissemination. These individuals will serve as NREPP's contacts for the remainder of the review process.
  • During the kick-off call, developers:
    • Meet the NREPP staff who will be involved in the review
    • Learn about the NREPP review process and rating criteria
    • Work with the NREPP staff to identify additional materials needed for review
    • Have an opportunity to ask questions/gain clarification on any part of the NREPP review process


  • NREPP staff identify the reviewers who will participate in the review.
  • NREPP staff send review packets to two pairs of reviewers. One pair of reviewers focuses on Quality of Research, while the other pair looks at Readiness for Dissemination.
  • Each of the reviewers independently reviews the materials provided and calculates ratings using the predefined Quality of Research and Readiness for Dissemination review criteria.
  • The reviewers submit their ratings to NREPP.
  • If their ratings differ by a significant margin, NREPP staff may hold a consensus conference to discuss and resolve the differences.


  • NREPP staff compile the ratings and descriptive information into an intervention summary that is shared with the developer.
  • Once the developer approves the intervention summary, SAMHSA reviews the summary and publishes it on the NREPP Web site.