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Learning Modules

This section identifies wide-ranging topics of interest and offers short online learning modules related to evidence-based programs and practices. Please take some time to look through the Learning Modules based on your interests. Check back periodically for future courses.

Contact Us to provide feedback on how useful you found the Learning Module(s) or to suggest ideas for other learning modules you would like to see.


  • A Road Map to Implementing Evidence-Based Programs
    This course provides guidance to facilitate selection and implementation of one of the many evidence-based programs related to prevention and treatment that are publicly available today. You will learn how to (1) select the program that best matches your organization's needs and (2) carry out the steps necessary to implement the program.

  • Preparing an Intervention for NREPP Submission and Potential Review
    This course will assist developers of mental health or substance abuse programs, including principal investigators of research studies, who are working toward submitting interventions for review and potential inclusion on NREPP.

  • Non-Researcher's Guide to Evidence-Based Program Evaluation
    This course provides a basic overview of program evaluation, including the goals of evaluation, types of evaluation, and common study designs. It provides general guidance on how to successfully plan, conduct, and manage an evaluation. The course also covers how to address research quality and disseminate your findings so that the results of your evaluation will have maximum impact.