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All Babies Cry

Program Description

All Babies Cry (ABC) is a strengths-based prevention program that targets the parents of infants, with the goal of reducing incidences of child abuse during the first year of life. Infant crying is the most common precursor to child maltreatment in the first year of life. ABC aims to improve new parents’ ability to understand and cope with infant crying.

The program promotes five protective factors that have been shown to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes for young children and their families and to reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect: 1) parental resilience, 2) social connections, 3) knowledge of parenting and child development, 4) concrete support in times of need, and 5) social and emotional competence of children.

The program’s components are developed to provide new parents with practical demonstrations of infant soothing and strategies for managing normal stress in parenting. ABC is a multiple-dose intervention intended for use from hospital discharge through the infant’s first months of life. The core program components include 1) a short video program for hospital closed-circuit TV systems or classroom introduction; 2) media, including videos, for families to access at home or on mobile platforms; and 3) a booklet with checklists and activities. The components employ positive visual messaging and focus subtly on males (the perpetrators of a majority of pediatric abusive head trauma cases). ABC media content documents real parents over the first 6 months of their infants’ lives.

Program Snapshot
Evidence Ratings
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs About Parenting
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs About Parenting
Program Contact
Lisa McElaney
Principal Investigator


Dissemination/Implementation Contact
Aimee Arvan


Program Type
Mental health promotion


18-25 (Young adult)
26-55 (Adult)

Geographic Locations

Hospital / Medical Center

Asian or Pacific Islander
Black or African American
Hispanic or Latino

Implementation materials available
Dissemination materials available