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Parenting From Prison

Program Description

Parenting from Prison is a parent education program for inmates. The program curriculum teaches inmates skills to strengthen family functioning, increase positive behaviors, decrease substance use, and increase their knowledge of risk and resilience factors. The 20-session curriculum includes topics such as self-esteem, risk and resilience factors, communication, discipline, problem solving, decision making, and substance abuse.

Parenting from Prison was adapted from the Partners in Parenting curriculum to include topics relevant to incarcerated parents, such as maintaining contact during incarceration and reuniting post-release. The curriculum also integrates elements of the BrainWise curriculum, which teaches 10 Wise Ways for responding to problems and includes inmate reintegration topics, such as reunification with family and finding employment. Program delivery methods include discussions, individual work, group exercises, and role playing.

Parenting from Prison was developed in 2004 and has been implemented in Colorado Department of Corrections facilities. Parenting from Prison is designed to be provided by correctional facility staff who are trained as parent educator instructors. The program curriculum requires that each session be facilitated by one instructor with a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 25 inmates. Instructors must have an associate’s degree and relevant job experience. On average, providers need 1 month or less to fully implement the program.

Program Snapshot
Evidence Ratings
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs About Parenting
Parenting Practices
Program Contact
Christine B. Cerbana
Project Director


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Program Type
Mental health promotion
Substance use disorder prevention


18-25 (Young adult)
26-55 (Adult)
55+ (Older adult)

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