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Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices

Program Description

Media Literacy for Safe & Healthy Choice is a media literacy/health promotion curriculum for children in grades 4-6, designed to promote media literacy core skills and reduce risk for violence, bullying, poor nutrition, and alcohol and tobacco use problems. The program develops students’ media-literacy beliefs, knowledge and skills, to help them critically evaluate media related to violence, bullying, alcohol, tobacco and non-nutritional eating, while encouraging pro-social skills that promote healthy choices and positive uses of media.

The curriculum includes 12 integrated lessons, divided into three units: media and violence/ bullying, media and tobacco/alcohol, media and food choices. While the effects of 12 lessons are cumulative, units can be taught independently by traditional classroom teachers, as well as multidisciplinary teams. 

Program Snapshot
Evidence Ratings
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs About Health
Program Contact
Rona Zlokower
Executive Director

1245 Elm Street 

Manchester, NH 03101 

(603) 222-1200

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Program Type
Mental health promotion
Substance use disorder prevention


6-12 (Childhood)

Geographic Locations

School / Classroom

American Indian or Alaska Native
Asian or Pacific Islander
Black or African American
Hispanic or Latino

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